Comming soon

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-Meshes in progress-

For purchase of this mesh and other meshes of mine please go to



New Body assembly of GT is done today. Next mesh will be the 67 Mustang GT500

Aprox. 33,039 verxtes is what this mesh is composed of. Total polygon count is 171,716


Comming soon The Ezno Ferrari


Comming soon The 1967 Mustang _GT500

1967 Mustang _GT complete

For the people that buy this mesh, when new parts are created you will receive them at no cost. that goes for all vehicles... Email me at and request the new meshes (parts).

Body Construction: Body contruction is complete. The assembly you see on this page took about a month and has no flaws. The hardest thing to making this mesh was the front head light outline.

I have just made a Frame, rotors, engine/transmission, shocks, springs, gas tank, and most undercarrage parts.. SEATES WILL BE DONE BY THE END OF THE MONTH

This Mesh will NOT be for download. Buy online at for 199.95   thats a steel!!